Energy Compliance in Kenya

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Though sometimes, we all don’t want to obey some rules and regulations, they are there for a reason. Today i’m talking about Kenya’s Energy Compliance Regulations. How can government regulations on energy be beneficial for me you may ask yourself? Let me explain a few reasons why The Energy Act plays as a benefit for many.

What is the ERC?

The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) is established under the Energy Act, 2006. Following of the Energy Act, 2006, with effect from July 7 2007, the Electricity Regulatory Board (ERB) became Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) with the following objectives and Functions:

  • Regulate the electrical energy
  • Regulate petroleum and related products
  • Regulate Renewable Energy and other forms of energy

What is the Energy Act?

The original Energy Act of 2006 is a long and lengthy document that all citizens, companies, and businesses have to follow on how to manage their energy. It is a set of rules and guidelines that the Government has put into place for the whole Energy sector in Kenya. The part of this Act we here at NegaWatt focus mostly on is the Energy Management side of things.

Why Energy Management?erc-cycle

The Energy Management Act of Kenya states that any business or building that consumes more than 180,000 units of energy per year, has to do an Energy Audit by a licensed ERC auditing firm. You’re in luck! We are one of the few companies here in Kenya fully licenced to do this. 

What do I gain?

By completing an Energy Audit with NegaWatt, we not only take care of all the compliance issues, but also lend the knowledge and expertise of nearly a dozen professional engineers to help find the absolute best solutions and feasible ways to save you up to 30% on your energy bills. From this small investment of an initial energy audit, we will also assist you in setting up an Energy Management Policy for your business and elect an Energy Officer to take over the responsibility for the development and implementation of energy efficiency and conservation measures. 

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By choosing NegaWatt Ltd to conduct an Energy Audit, you can feel at ease knowing we have served over 200 clients and maintained a high level of professionalism throughout the compliance journey. What sets NegaWatt aside from other auditing firms is any of the Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) we recommend in our final audit report to you, we also have the ability to implement the measures themselves. Whether it be something small like high efficiency motors or a lighting retrofit, to larger measures like Building Automation Systems, Solar PV, and AVR’s (Voltage Stabilization), we here at NegaWatt are confident we can deliver above and beyond for you. 

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  1. Great read for anyone who is unfamiliar with this ACT here in Kenya. Kudo’s to NegaWatt for explaining this clearly for me! Thanks!

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