Mt. Elgon Orchards Project

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Background Information

Mount Elgon Orchards (MEO) has four independent power sections;

  1. Main Farm
  2. Top farm
  3. River pump and
  4. The clinic

Main Farm

This is the core of the farm, it has always been on diesel generated power since inception of the farm over 75 years ago. It houses the flower processing area, the main offices, senior staff quarters and main pump houses. Grid supply was available but it was not connected to the farms existing MDB panel because the panel did not have sufficient provisions. The farm utilized its four (4) generators (two 365 kVA generators for day operations and two 220 kVA generators for night operations).

Objective 1: Design and install a main distribution board panel that has provision for; KPLC connection, automatic changing from grid to diesel generator and connections to existing loads.

Objective 2: Install a 400 kVA automatic voltage regulator to stabilize the connected grid power and reserve the generators for power outages only. 

Objective 3: Install a 630A (external) automatic change over switch to select between the four generators on night and day schedules configured in the control circuit.

toolsTop Farm

In terms of power consumption this section of the farm comes second after main farm, it is supplied with a 300 kVA diesel generator and connected to national grid through a KPLC meter and a 400A manual changer over switch. Because of major power flickering and fluctuation in the supplied grid power in SUAM, grid power is only used at night essentially for lighting.  Key processes that are power intensive are carried out during the day and are energized by the 300 kVA installed generator.

Objective: Stabilize grid power, use it for both day and night operations and reserve the generator specifically for power outages.

River Pump

Our Director, Mark Washer, happy to see results of NegaWatt’s hard work

The main load here are water pumps, two (2) 37.5 kW motors. Grid power is available and terminated in the MDB of this farm. Alternative power is also supplied by the 150 kVA diesel generator through the 400A manual change over switch. Because of the critical nature of water in the flower growing business, a standalone diesel engine pump is also installed in this location in case of any major electrical breakdown.

Objective: Stabilize grid power, ensure water pumping is entirely dependent on grid power and reserve the generator specifically for power outages.

The Clinic

Grid power was in use at the clinic because majority of their loads are single phase. Power flicking was still a normal observation however the availability of single phase voltage guards “i.e. plug and play safety measure” was really utilized here. The clinic is also supplied with a 45 kVA installed diesel generator through the manual change over switch. During power outages or when critical equipment are needed, power is supplied by the generator and not grid power.

Objective: To stabilize the grid power and allow for its utilization at all times.

For top farm and River pump diesel generated power was used because major loads were three phase loads with high current demand and so small


*Monthly preventive maintenance schedule should be initiated for all equipment installed*


The entire farm is on stabilized grid power, NegaWatt has met all of the objectives.

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