Energy Auditsplanta-422

An Energy Audit identifies areas where you are using or losing, the most energy and hence indicates where to make the most cost-effective energy efficiency measures.

Increasingly in the last several decades, energy audits have exploded as the demand to lower increasingly expensive energy costs and move towards a sustainable future have made energy audits greatly important. Their importance is magnified since energy spending is a major expense to any company or business. This growing trend should only continue as energy costs continue to rise.

        Energy Compliance

At NegaWatt, we erc-cyclehelp our clients comply with all energy efficiency related rules or standards through an ongoing service contract. Our compliance services cover various facility needs, whether strictly complying with the law or meeting corporate energy efficiency and environmental targets. We can assist and guarantee compliance at all times and ensure your facility gets going to the best direction without any glitches.

Feasibility Studies

project-feasbility-study-min-768x509A feasibility study evaluates the projects potential for success. It will provide you with the insight and discipline that your idea is worth pursuing. Is it feasible? We can answer that question based on solid research and analysis for investing in renewable energy efficiency projects.

Capacity Trainingtraining

Energy Efficiency and Energy Management training in Industry and Buildings

  • Methodology, Tools, and relevant Legislation
  • Defining of Energy objectives and targets
  • Action plan to increase energy performance and process
  • Improving capacity and autonomy of local energy managers
  • Develop training and awareness programs that encourage the facility’s elements to take part in the energy management initiative

Energy Analysis Tools

We provide the appropriate instrumentation for all your needs. We also Sell and Rent energy analysis tools! While there are several energy analysis tools available on the market today, we have selected our favorite ones which are robust, reliable, and can perform in any site conditions.

  • Power Quality analyzers (CA 8435)tools
  • Power and Energy loggers (PEL 103)
  • Fluke digital clamp meters
  • Anemometers
  • Manometers
  • KANE combustion analyzers
  • Temperature and RH data logger
  • Fluke Thermal imaging cameras
  • Ultra-sonic leak detectors
  • LUX meters
  • IR Temperature guns

Meter Verification1ab2d8a1553d219051adb3ad29cae269_-checkboxs-checkmark-wpf-box-with-check-mark-clipart_825-633

In the haste to occupy commercial properties, proper review and commissioning of Utility Billing Systems is often overlooked, potentially leading to major financial losses due to inaccurate meters. Many of these issues arise from incorrect installations or simple oversights in the original design / tender/ building process.

NegaWatt’s vast experience in this field puts us at the top of product knowledge regarding metering systems. Process of this service usually starts by coming in and verifying the accuracy of the electrical, LPG and water meters with our wide range of tools. From this, a a report will be prepared and findings presented with recommendations on how to move forward.

logo_knight_frankCharles Kariuki, Head of Maintenance for Knight Frank says…

“I am writing this letter to recognize NegaWatt for a job well done in conducting energy audits at the following properties:

  • Sameer Business Park
  • Olibya plaza
  • Gigiri Square
  • KK Security Building
  • Sharaaf House
  • Prosperity House
  • Eaton place
  • Ukay Center
  • Mtwapa Mall
  • T Mall
  • Junction Mall
  • Oasis Mall
  • Greenspan Mall
  • Riverside Parkside Life
  • St. Austin Gardens

Within the course of the energy audits, the team showed diligence and dedication to finishing work on time and professionalism in writing the reports.

The scope of the audit includes on site measurement with specialized equipment, evaluating the operational efficiency of equipment, identification and evaluations of the energy management opportunities, energy policy development and delivery of an ERC compliant report.

I am very pleased with the quality of the workmanship displayed during the audits and would not hesitate to refer them to the other organizations who are also in need of quality services from an energy auditor.”

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